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Our culture is to be up front and honest in all of our business dealings. We will communicate verbally and follow up via Email at all stages of a project. It is our policy to provide up front Quoting and Estimating and await approval before any services are performed. We will communicate realistic delivery dates and ask lots of questions in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

Custom Solutions Provider
We provide consultation, services and solutions to the challenges our customers bring in order to increase their production. It can vary from adaptors, transport devices, repair tooling, or anything our customer can dream up!

Machine Shop
Our companies production infrastructure includes metal lathes, milling machines, drill presses, surface grinders, welders, plasma cutters, torches, and an internal slotter. We do runs of one of to multiple items. We can Machine bushings, shafts, spacers, rings, internal and external keyways, flats, hex pump bases, and anything else that is metal related.

Welding Shop
The Welding shop can perform simple repairs to fabrication of complex pieces. We have performed work on and made items such as frames, skids, metal pallets, dump trays, hangers, and protectors.

Onsite Portable Machining
Often times there are units and projects that are too large or require extensive labour to be brought to our machine shop. Saskpro can perform portable machining work to repair or modifiy projects. These projects range from portable line bore repair of internal bores, portable milling, keyway cutting or drilling.

Saskpro Staff and Employees have extensive repair and manufacturing experience in the Mining, Construction, Agriculture, and Energy industries. We will provide Consulting Services on any part of our customers production processes in order to improve their company's bottom line!

Production Runs
We have been approached repeatedly to perform high volume manufacturing on smaller items. These items can include machining, welding, cutting, and painting. We use our custom solution skills to initiate a production run that will meet the customers needs of budget, quality and time.

Customer parts Inventory solutions
Saskpro has partnered with many of its Customers to provide on-time solutions to their inventory needs. Many critical parts (shafts, bushings, adaptors etc) in our Customers production process are desigend to be wearable and as such need replacing on regular basis. Saskpro will work with you to set up contracts and keep these parts on our shelves. We will Invoice you as they are used. Call Tyler anytime for more details.

Delivery Services
Saskpro will provide pick up and delivery of all projects within 100 km radius of Esterhazy - no charge!